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New strategic partnership: NuevoMundo Capital and Fidentia AG in Liechtenstein

28 November 2015

November 2015: NuevoMundo Capital and Fidentia AG in Liechtenstein agreed to enter a strategic partnership. Fidentia will support NMcap with all fund related matters going forward including the set-up and fund management. For more information on the LatAm fund, please request the teaser through

NuevoMundo Capital Advisors incorporated as a Limited Company 

28 October 2014

NuevoMundo Capital Advisors (NMCap) was incorporated as a Limited Company under Swiss Law at the Commercial Registry of Zurich, Switzerland. The purpose ofNMCap is to advise companies of any kind and on any level, as well as to exercise broader management functions over time.NMCap can further create subsidiaries or hold participations and manage them accordingly.

Over the course of the coming months, NuevoMundo Captial Advisors will continue to refine and roll-out its business model. With a strong focus on Latin America, the company seeks to support parties interested in the region by providing specific knowledge or access to investment opportunities. For a more detailed overview of the company's activities please refer to

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